WORSHIP - 10:30am (Every Sunday)


We believe that the Lord has placed RMPC in our local area for a reason: to share the good news of the Jesus Christ to our surrounding community. That is, we take seriously Christ's call to advance the message of his kingdom to our friends, neighbors, local businesses and schools. We conside our zip code, 85749, as our "parish" in that this community on the east side of Tucson is where God has invited us to have him show us the ways in which we can bless and be a blessing to this community as well as do life together well with all those in the "49" zip code. 

Community Gardens of Tucson

RMPC hosts a community garden on its property. Comminity Gardens of Tucson provided a fence, shed, tools and watering lines to make this a possibility. The garden contains 30 20'X3' plots for members of the local community to lease. The cost of leasing a plot is $18/month and each plot is automatically watered each day. The garden hosts a meeting for the gardeners on the first Saturday of each month. Master gardners present gardening tips and insights and gardening issues are discussed. The coordinator of the garden is Shelley Kruis and those interested in leasing a garden plot can contact her at

Tanque Verde Unified School District

We have developed a good relationship with the TVUSD administrative staff. Our Director of Operations, Karl Bosworth, and one of our leading women, Janie Craig, participate on their Faith-based Collaboration Committee. We support their work of educating children in our area and want to be of help in this endeavor. To that end we have chosen to partner with Emily Gray Junior High School to help them meet their objectives.

Emily Gray Junior High School

As partners with Emily Gray we have a growing relationship with their Principal, Mr. Greg Miller, and their staff. We provided "Welcome Back" bags for all teachers and staff in the Fall of 2018 and we provide breakfast for their staff meetings one Friday per month. During Make a Difference Day, we painted a hallway in the administrative wing and we power-washed the outdoor locker area. We love Emily Gray Junior High and want to help them meet their educational goals for our children.

Tucson Fire Department Station 21

We are very thankful for our local first responders. Station 21 brings their firetruck to our annual "Trunk or Treat" event and we send them cards and bring them cokkies throughout the year.