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What's History Got To Do With It?

If you have not read Pastor Lauterbach's November 4 post: "What's Thanksgiving got to do with it?" - go straight to it and read it. What he said! Because of the presence of Thanksgiving Day on our calendar, at some point we should wonder, "How did it get there and why?" We remember what we've heard in the past, but what does that mean to us? This past week I had a wond...

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Prayer Walking

I hesitate to write on a personal spiritual discipline because of the two-fold danger that (1) it may sound judgmental toward other practices favored by different believers (2) it may come across as "prescriptive." "Everyone should do it this way, because it's how I do it." I deny both. This is not meant to be either judgmental or prescriptive. In fact, in my sixty-plus y...

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