Angelic Choirs, Judgment and Harves

On May 2, 2018 I was privileged to teach a Bible lesson to our middle and high school students. Before the lesson we had a great dinner comprised of lasagna (leftover from presbytery but delicious nonetheless), salad, roles and Oreo cookies. We played two games that night: fruit basket upset and concentration. Lots of fun.

Then came the lesson on Revelation 14. I spoke for close to 50 minutes and the kids interacted, paid attention, did not sleep, and seems to connect with the passage! Here is my very brief summary: Recognize the beauty of the choir we will one day be part of: a great multitude belonging to the Lamb singing a new song with one voice. Heed the warning of impending judgment upon those who do not know the Lamb. If you don’t know the Lamb, and, more importantly, if he does not know you, you won’t want to face the Lamb.