Don't Believe the Lies

Satan is cunning, taking the truth of God’s Word and twisting it. He whispered lies into the ears of Adam and Eve saying, “No, no, no, if you rebel against God you surely will not die. Sin presents no danger.” But there is a different lie that he tells us on this side of the Cross we sometimes believe. He says that we cannot have real fellowship with God. He whispers into our ears saying, “No, no, no, if you let your sins be exposed to this so-called grace and mercy of God, you surely will not live. You have sinned too much in thought, word, and deed. You’re a failure. There is no hope for you.” And so we begin to sow fig leaves together to hide from the Lord. But the Lord has already overcome our sin! We need to be confronted with our sin before we can begin to rightly understand and rejoice in the eternal solution to the problem of sin—we need to rightly understand the reality that we have a problem in the first place. Have you noticed how advertisements you see on television selling certain “miracle products” don’t begin by telling you the solution you need but rather that you have a problem that needs to be fixed? They create a burden that needs to be dealt with. Similarly, we need to be confronted with our sin to expose our desperate need for a solution—our desperate need for Christ. This is not pretty or fun, but it’s necessary. We must remember that the Lord is faithful to us in sickness and in health, in plenty and in want, in joy and in sorrow—Jesus is married to us! He is bound to the marriage vows he proclaimed in covenant that we would be transformed. If we are not honest about our struggle with sin with each other and with the Lord then we deceive ourselves and believe the lie Satan tells us that we are hopeless. But we’re not—Jesus is our husband and friend! He wants us to come with everything in our lives that is scandalous, because he transforms sinners through the redeeming work of the cross of Christ and raises them to new life in perfect fellowship with God through his resurrection.

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