Feasting after the Fast

Many of us fasted from something during Lent--the forty days leading up to Easter. In addition, many of us feasted on the six Lord's days leading up to Easter. But now that we've celebrated the Resurrection and Lent has concluded what do we do? Hopefully, you continue fasting on occassion. Fasting is a spiritual discipline that we exercise all throughout the year to drive us back to the cross and our devotion to our Lord. But we also feast! The celebration of the Resurrection doesn't end on Easter Sunday. In fact, it doesn't end until Christ returns. Well, to be honest, it doesn't end then either. This is just the beginning! Each Sunday is a new celebration of the Resurrection and when all things in the present heaven and earth are brought to a close we will celebrate the Resurrection in the new heavens and the new earth forever! Our fasts are reminders that we hunger and thirst for our Lord while we wait for his coming. Our feast days remind us that there is a feast that will last forever.

The M'Cheyne' Bible Reading Calendar called for a reading of Leviticus 23 today. In Leviticus 23 God commands Moses to remind the people of the feasts He has appointed for His people. They are celebrations of His deliverance, His provision, and His forgiveness. We celebrate those feasts now in our Lord's day worship services and especially in the Lord's Supper and in baptism. We feast upon Him in the Lord's Supper and we celebrate our union with him in his death, and resurrection in baptism.

So after fasting, feast! Feast on the Lord's goodness and grace. Drink deeply out of the abundance of his mercy and compassion toward you. Feed upon him and know his presence each day.