Honduras 2015 - The team learns the meaning of flexible


It took shaking my shoulder for Tom to finally wake me at 5:45 this morning. My sister-in-law, Diane, had been calling my name through our door for some time with no results. "Shelley is okay but we need to have a powwow as soon as you can get dressed." We meet in the sala or living room across the hall. That was when Diane informed me that the nurse on the other team, Jenny, had had a seizure in the night, most of their team had not slept most of the night, and Jenny's husband, Don, and the doctor who was leading their team were all at the hospital. We prayed, got some breakfast, prayed again once most of the team was there and began to discuss our options. The consensus was to put everyone together and try to pull off a partial medical clinic. God led us to this decision. We had a great day, worked at a much slower pace than Monday, and got to have many more personal conversations with many more people. Jenny was discharged from the hospital tonight and will spend the rest of the week at the missionary's home. The team from Harrisburg, PA and our team grew much closer. We saw God at work in amazing ways. We sat at our team meeting proclaiming the excellencies of our God. It turned out to be a great day.


You were all covered in prayer at prayer meeting today! And I'm sure many other times and places by lots of people! Bet the team is "cemented" now!!

You are all in my prayers.... What would Shellet say..."god's Will and timing is Perfect all of the time...."

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