Remodeling of Youth Rooms!


Let's face it...the youth rooms are not in the best shape. If you've visited with us on a Youth & Family Night, you know this to be the case. I've even heard it said (jokingly, of course!) it might be better if they accidentally caught fire! All kidding aside, though, it's become obvious that work needs to be done to give a "face lift" to the modular buildings where we meet.

I'm pleased to say that the remodeling starts tomorrow! We've been working hard on planning some remodeling work on them over the Christmas break. In fact, if you come to Youth & Family Group tonight, you'll have a foretaste of what's to come!

I'll post pictures as work progresses. :)



The renovations are progressing! The exterior doors have been repainted, larger windows have been installed in the north modular, and one bathroom has been completely remodeled (including installing a shower)! Further work will continue later in the spring and summer. Stay tuned for more updates! In the meantime, here are some pictures of the renovations:

IMG_2159.JPG New Modular Window.JPG

Bathroom Renovations

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