IMPORTANT! Church will reopen on May 24th @10:30am with social distancing and other safety precautions.   

We will still be livestreaming each Sunday morning @10:30am via Youtube.

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WORSHIP - 10:30am (Every Sunday)
DISCIPLESHIP HOUR CLASSES - Sundays @ 9:30am      


Reopening the Church for Worship May 24

The Session and Deacons are excited to announce that we will return to the church building for worship this Sunday, May 24 with one worship service at 10:30 AM. We are making every effort to keep this initial worship service to one hour to make it more manageable for families. We look forward to being able to greet you face-to-face after a couple of months apart. One of the hardest aspects of returning to worship at the church building will be that, though we will be together, Sunday morning at the church building will be quite different than what we have been used to. That will likely be true for the foreseeable future. Watch a video from Pastor Phil about our reopening here.

To prepare for being together at the church building this Sunday, please carefully read and follow the guidelines below. Observing these guidelines will allow everyone to enjoy a level of comfort and ease as we return to worship at the church building.


  • If you know that in the last 14 days you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please self-quarantine for 2 weeks.
  • If you or your child is sick, please stay home. If you or your child are in a vulnerable category, please use wisdom.
  • As you arrive at the church building, be patient with one another and wait for others getting in and out of cars.
  • All entry to the church should be through the east entrance. These doors will remain propped open to reduce touching and allow for distancing. Please exercise social distancing while entering and exiting the building.
  • We ask that you use hand sanitizer on the way in and on the way out of the church. There will be sanitizer available at the door.
  • We have provided distanced seating in"pods" of 2, 4 and 6 seats. Please use the appropriate number of chairs for your family. Go immediately to your seats. Please do not gather in the Narthex on the way in or out. Singles should find a place near another single or by yourself in a 2-seat pod.
  • Wearing masks is optional. Be aware that some will wear masks; some will not.
  • We welcome your children to join us for worship. However, there will be no nursery or children’s church available. Please plan accordingly and prepare to enjoy the beautiful sounds of children in the sanctuary. There will be no church activity during the Sunday school hour at all.
  • All words to all songs and all Scripture will be on the screens. Please do not use the hymnals or pew Bibles for the time being.
  • Bathrooms will be open and available. Please exercise good hygiene and wash hands prior to leaving. Use the automated handicapped button to open the door on the way out.
  • If you are ready for a hug or a handshake, make sure the other person is on the same page. Assume others are practicing social distancing. Don’t assume you can shake hands or give a hug. Don’t shame others if they are not ready for physical contact. Remain 6 feet apart. Don’t make others move back from you.
  • We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. We will supply the elements in the prepackaged wafer/juice packs. An elder will be stationed at each entrance to the sanctuary with a tray of packs of wafer/juice (there are two tabs on each package, the wafer is included in the package and is under the first layer of wrapping). As your family enters the sanctuary, have one family member take as many packs as their family requires for the observance of the Supper. During the service, distributed by this family member who has been admitted to the Lord’s table. Take each element as the pastor directs. Those worshiping via live stream are to prepare their own elements as in previous weeks. You may bring your own elements with you as long as what you bring is only bread and grape juice (it is illegal to transport wine if it is not in the original sealed bottle).
  • Please continue to give your tithes and offerings to the church. We will not pass offering plates; please give online or send your check to the church office or place your check or cash in the plates at the back of the sanctuary.
  • There will be no formal greeting time at the beginning of the service.
  • Bring your own coffee or water- we will not provide coffee in the Narthex and the water fountains will not be used.
  • The kitchen is closed to anyone other than staff.
  • The nursery, cry room and children’s classrooms are closed.
  • Please exit the building after the conclusion of the service. All east entrances will be open for your egress.

We all long for the fellowship we have been missing for two months. Since we are limiting social interaction before and after the worship service, we encourage you to make plans to go to lunch with another friend, couple or family or invite others to your home.

For those of you who are not yet ready to return to physical gathered worship at the church building, we will miss you! We understand your need to take things cautiously and slowly. It may take you several weeks to feel comfortable coming and we trust your judgment with that decision. Your health is of vital importance. We know that you will be joining us via live stream on YouTube.

Please pray for all preparations for the service and that God will be glorified as we come back together for worship at the church building.

The RMPC Session and Deacons