We're Back!

The team is back. We not only survived the week but we thrived! God blessed us and used us to bless others in so many ways. Here's our team the night we arrived: Diane Kruis, Jacque Kruis, Claudia Levin, Jessica Quinlan, Kelly Holmes, Caleb Kruis, Shelley Kruis, Elena McFall, Phil Kruis, Gail Jansen, Harv Jansen, and part of the home team, Jeff Prather.

We've all got stories to tell but the greatest one is of God's faithfulness. What a great God we serve! He watched over us and protected us and showed us his favor. He established the works of our hands and we touched many, many lives with the love of Jesus Christ. You want to hear some stories? Just ask one of these team members and you'll get some good ones. Praise God for a successfull mission trip to Honduras!

Honduras team 2015