Discipleship Hour (Sunday School)

Every Sunday

9:00am – 9:45am

Category: Church Wide

Sunday Morning Discipleship Hour includes adult education classes, youth Sunday school and children's Sunday school.

Adult Education Class

Fall Class:
Pastor Phil will take time each class to share his views and the Session's views, and their biblical basis, on a number of social issues facing the church today. These issues include things like our understanding of the role of women in the worship service, our position on human sexuality and gender identity, how Christian nationalism makes its way into the church, and other issues.

To help you in your growth in understanding these issues and so you can prepare for the class, we offer the following links:

Women's roles in worship: 2017_WIM.pdf (pcahistory.org)
Human Sexuality and Gender Identity:2021_human_sexuality_report.pdf (pcahistory.org)
Christian Nationalism: christianitytoday.com/ct/2021/february-web-only/what-is-christian-nationalism.html

Hear the most recent Sunday's class recording on our Youtube page.

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