Current Discipleship Classes

Adult Discipleship Hour (Sunday School) starts at 9 AM every Sunday before worship. We offer a wide range of content, ranging from bible books to theology and church history to topics of general interest. Our goal is participatory learning and the discovery of the centrality of the Gospel in everything. 


Upcoming Winter Classes: 

Church History: Pastor Phil. Tom Askew, and others will be presenting the lectures in church history by Dr. Robert Godfrey. The focus will be on The Puritans, Wesleyan revivals in Britain, the Great Awakening in America, and the era of revolutions in Europe.

Pastor Mark will begin a study of Hebrews. This letter brings us profound encouragement to endurance in faith because of the glory of Christ and his work. It is the clearest explanation of the ways the Old Testament points to Christ (the study may continue into the Spring).

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