Current Discipleship Classes

Adult Discipleship Hour (Sunday School) starts at 9 AM every Sunday before worship. We offer a wide range of content, ranging from bible books to theology and church history to topics of general interest. Our goal is participatory learning and the discovery of the centrality of the Gospel in everything. 


From Eternity to Eternity: The Purpose of the Triune God in Creation and Redemption; Mark Lauterbach

Most of us are focused on the details of our daily lives. But our lives make no sense until we understand the story we are part of. That is why the Scriptures repeatedly tell us about God's purposes. This class will explore the great story of the Bible, beginning with the life of God before creation, ending with the inconceivable glory he will share and show to his redeemed people forever in the new creation. Click here to register.


Corinthian Concerns; Bret Holley

We live in troubling times. How are we to engage this cultural and historical moment, with confidence and without compromise? God has given us the help we need. This is much like the situation Paul and the Christians in Corinth faced in the 1st century. Paul gives clear direction for the church in Corinth regarding many of the issues we face in our own lives, such as marriage, divorce, widows, lawsuits, spiritual gifts, etc. Most importantly, he gives us a clear understanding of the Gospel and the message and method the church should employ to faithfully fulfill the great commission. We will let Paul's inspired words to the Corinthian church guide us, for as Spurgeon rightly proclaims, “there is nothing else that is equal to the Bible for inflaming, sanctifying, and turning in the right direction, all the passions of the soul.” Click here to register.


Sing to the Lord! Learning and Appreciating the Hymns of Our Tradition; Dave Jorg and Tom Askew

God has gifted his people with music and song to help us give him proper adoration and praise! This class will help us as a church that sings well! Knowing the rich deposit of music in our hymnal is important so each week we will focus on a different hymn or song and will learn how to sing it in all four parts! Each participant will be asked to purchase the book Sing at First Sight, Book 1 which will be used for a few minutes in each class to help us learn how to better read musical notation. Click here to register. 

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