We currently do not have a Sunday School hour. Classes will begin again on Sunday, June 2nd at 9 am

Children's Church

Age: 3 years to 1st grade
Place: Toddler Room (next to the nursery)
Time: Second half of Sunday morning worship

The purpose of Children’s Worship is to assist parents in training and equipping our covenant children for worship. Children are excused from service to be led and instructed in prayer, song, and scripture.  This allows members of all ages to worship fully and in an age-appropriate manner.  We encourage parents to worship with their children at home by using the Bible stories, songs, and memory work that we cover each month.  

Children's Bibles and other Books We Recommend: 

- ESV Children's Bible 
- The Jesus Storybook Bible (Preschool and Up)
- Cornerstones (Preschool and Up)
- Found (Nursery and Preschool)
- Near (Nursery and Preschool)
- Loved (Nursery and Preschool) 
- The Biggest Story (K and Up)
- Exploring the Bible Together (K and Up)  
- Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing (K and Up)
- The Ology (1st-5th)
- Wonder-full (3rd-5th)

Parent Resources: 

- Show Them Jesus
- Let the Children Worship 
- Heirs of the Covenant