WORSHIP SERVICE - 10:00am [masks optional] (Every Sunday) 

DISCIPLESHIP HOUR/SUNDAY SCHOOL - 9:00am [masks optional]     


Praise Team

Hymnody, the broad term used for intentionally Christ-centered and God-glorfying worship music, has an innate ability to move the mind, body, and soul in ways like none other. It has the power to deeply root into our being the words, thoughts, experiences, ambitions, trials, joys, fears, and hopes associated with the Christian life. It is truly a means of grace through which believers are able to confess and profess their faith in a language that all generations are able to comprehend—music. In his preface to the Genevan Psalter, John Calvin wrote that worship music acts “like spurs to incite us to pray and praise God, and to meditate upon His works in order to love, fear, honor, and glorify Him.” Hymnody, including both classic songs of faith and modern praise songs, is a way for Christians to articulate the gospel to the lost in both the present and future, connect with others believers across the ages, and converse with the God of eternity.

Praise Teams lead all the music in our morning worship service. Praise Teams prepare musical selections that include both classic songs of our faith and modern praise songs. Most Sundays, our Praise Team instrumentation includes piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and percussion. Other instruments utilized occasionally include trombone, flute, and violin.