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Jesus Obeys

December 23, 2018 Speaker: Mark Lauterbach Series: Advent 2018

Topic: Sunday Morning Passage: John 4:31–4:39, John 6:38–6:38, John 8:29–8:29

Theme: Jesus, as true man, perfectly obeyed the Father so you might be clothed in his righteousness.



Jesus was the true Man



Jesus obeyed the Word of God



Jesus pleased God, not man



Jesus pleased God, not self



Jesus perfectly loved God



Jesus’ obedience and you



An exercise in application: 1. Name a specific sin in your life that tempts you to discouragement. 2. Consider how Jesus perfectly obeyed God in that area. 3. Know and trust that Jesus’ perfect obedience has been credited to you.


Next week’s text: Rev. 12:1–17













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